Best places to enjoy Thingyan festival in Yangon

If you happen to be in Yangon during Thingyan festival otherwise known as water festival, you are one lucky person. Thingyan is the Burmese New Year Festival that stretches four to five days around mid-April. In this festival, the city dwellers come out on the street to celebrate Thingyan by splashing water at each other in friendly manner. Many water playing pavilions are built all around the city to play water and people gather to have a one big water fight on the street. If you wish to join and celebrate Thingyan in Yangon, here are our top tips on where is best to enjoy Yangon Water Festival.

Inya Lake

Pavilion on Pyay road infront of Inya Lake

Inya Lake is the biggest and best place to head to experience Thingyan in Yangon. It is located further to the north of Yangon and you will find many water-playing pavilions and entertainment pavilions where people stand on and play water with pressure hoses and fire hoses beside the lake on Pyay Road. You will also find singers singing on the entertainment pavilions and people dancing on the street and on their cars. People usually visit this area by trucks and cars, but it is also possible to visit there on foot. When you feel cold, tired and hungry, you can easily find the restaurants on the shore of Inya Lake.

Kandawgyi Park

Thingyan car waiting to entering Kandawgyi Lake

Kandawgyi Park is another area where hundreds of people carrying water guns and looking for their next victim to soak. It is the place you must visit to join the celebration with the friendly locals. Kandawgyi lake is Yangon’s most pleasant open spaces, hosting a green, tree-filled park and the imposing Karaweik. Karaweik is a replica of a classically styled royal barge located on the eastern side of the lake. Friends and families gather in the park to have a water fight and have a fun family time. You can get the best view of ShweDagon Pagoda from the park and there are many restaurants inside the park. So, this is the best spot for you to have fun, rest, and eat while enjoying the country’s biggest celebration.

Yangon City Hall

Thingyan car infront of City Hall

One place you should not miss to visit during Thingyan festival is Yangon City Hall. Yangon City Hall is located on the heart of Yangon. Every year, thousands of people gather in frond of the city hall to celebrate the new year festival. You can not only join the water fights, but also enjoy the traditional Myanmar Thingyan dances and songs. Yangon city government always build a big pavilion at city hall to play water and entertain the people. You can go and rest in the MahaBandula park which is located in front of the Yangon City Hall.

We wish you have the best experience of Thingyan Festival in Yangon!

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