Let’s celebrate Thingyan Festival in Dawei

Thingyan festival falls at the hottest season in Myanmar, therefore getting wet during Thingyan coincides with scorching temperature in April. This new year celebration is the largest celebration in Myanmar, and the crazy water fights are so much fun. If you wish to find the most energetic and fun celebration, you should head to Dawei city. Every year, many local and foreign visitors come to Dawei to celebrate Thingyan festival. There are so much more to see and explore in Dawei, therefore you should include Dawei in your trip plan.

Places to visit in Dawei Region during Thingyan Festival

Dawei is famous for its beaches such as Maungmagan, Nabule and Teyzit beaches and the 9 famous pagodas. Maungmagan beach is only about 30 minutes away from Dawei city, and it is very easy to get there. Compare to other beaches in Myanmar, it is quite cheap to visit Maungmagan beach. So if you are on a budget, this beach will be the best choice for you. There is a cheerful fishing village where you can find restaurants serving fresh seafood and beer stations. You can also rent bikes at the beach. If you don’t like the busy and crowded beach, you can choose to go to Nabule or Teyzit beaches.

Traditional Water Fetching Dance

During Thingyan, you will get a chance to explore women performing traditional water fetching dance early morning on the beach. The women dance while balancing multiple water pots on their heads and you can find the performances on the beachfront. The dancers can put up to 4 or 5 water pots on their head and perform to display their strength. This will be the most spectacular dance performance that you’ve ever seen during Thingyan festival.

A week-long celebration

When the rest of the country celebrate Thingyan only 4 days, people celebrate an entire week in Dawei. The celebration begins with children water fights for two days and then everyone joins in the last five days. There are traditional dance displays and live music performances in the evening all around the city.

Places to stay in Dawei

There are a few hotels at Maungmagan beach and the most well-known places are Maung-Ma-Gan Resort, and Coconut Guesthouse. There are many cheap and cozy hotels and guesthouses in Dawei city. If you are visiting Dawei during the water festival, you should book the rooms in advance. Because, hotel rooms are almost fully booked during Thingyan festival.

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  1. When is the Thingyan festival this year in Dawei? I want to visit during the festivities, but want to make sure I have the correct dates since online I see the 1st of April and mid April too.

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