Mandalay: The best city to celebrate Thingyan Festival

Mandalay Thingyan Festival
Thingyan Festival walking street along side the Mandalay Mote

Thingyan festival marks the Myanmar New Year and you should never miss it if you are visiting Myanmar in April. It is the festival that the whole country celebrate together by playing water and doing good deeds. The water fights will help you endure the April’s stifling heat. You can enjoy and participate this extraordinarily fun festival at anywhere in Myanmar. The festival only last for 4-5 days, therefore you need to decide which city you will choose to celebrate Thingyan. We suggest you to choose Mandalay Thingyan celebration because it is known to be the best. Mandalay is the last royal city of Myanmar as well as the second largest city of Myanmar. You can discover the legendary palace, giant stupas, mountain-topped pagoda and many other tourist attractions. Here are the reasons why Mandalay is the best city to celebrate Thingyan festival.


In other cities, the celebration areas are scattering all over. But in Mandalay, all the activities, entertainments, pavilions and walking water fights are located in just one area. Every year, people from Mandalay celebrate Thingyan by building stages around the four sides of the Mandalay Mote. Since everything is happening at one place, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on transportation. You can get cheap and tasty food from the food stalls which you can easily find anywhere around the mote.

Beautiful scenery

Since the palace is surround by the mote, you can not only explore the celebration but also the beautiful palace in the background. You will find the decorated cars going around and girls in traditional dresses will be dancing on those cars. Moreover, the Mandalay hill and hill-topped pagoda can also be seen from this area. Therefore, you will be able to capture the amazing images of Mandalay and its wonderful Thingyan festival.

People enjoying Thingyan Festival in front of pavilion in Mandalay

You can enjoy Thingyan Festival with Motorbike in Mandalay

Motorbikes are not allowed in Yangon and the traffic is terrible. However, Mandalay is the city of motorbikes and you can conveniently travel around the city without a bad traffic. You can rent the motorbikes if you can drive by yourself. You can also find a motorbike taxi easily and they are relatively cheap.

People Enjoying Thingyan walking street

U Bein Bridge

U Bein Bridge is the world’s longest teak footbridge and it is popular with local sightseers and tourists. It is only 30 to 40 minutes away from Mandalay. Many people from Mandalay go to U Bein Bridge to celebrate Thingyan as well. You can hop on a boat and splash water at the people from other boats. Or, you can simply walk on the bridge with your water gun and join the water fights. At the end of the day, you can enjoy the amazing sunset view from the over 150 years old U Bein Bridge.

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