Thingyan Festival Special Foods

If you are planning to explore the Myanmar Thingyan festival, you should also get the taste of Thingyan festival speical foods. In Myanmar, most of the festivals have their own special festival foods. Since Thingyan is one of the biggest festivals in Myanmar, it has its own special traditional food. You can easily get those foods at Sa Tu Di Thar during the festival period. Sa-Tu-Di-Thar means feast given to all comers and people set up tents all over the streets to feed hungry celebrators. After playing hard at the water fights, you should fill up your empty stomach with the tasty Thingyan foods.

Sa Tu Di tar (Charity donation of food to general public)

Mont Lone Yay Paw

Mote lone yay paw

Mont Lone Yay Paw is the iconic snack and the most popular snack that represents Thingyan festival. It is the sticky rice ball with jaggery filled at the center and served with freshly granted coconut on top. When the jaggery filled sticky rice balls are thoroughly cooked, they float on the surface of boiling water. Therefore, people named it “Mont Lone Yay Paw” which means round snack that float on water. Many people from the neighborhood join together and make Mont Lone Yay Paw to serve at Sa Tu Di Thar.

You might chew on the surprise Mont Lone Yay Paw filled with chili peppers instead of jaggery. Because, playful people put hot chili peppers inside as a prank in order to warm up your soak body. Don’t worry! Most of them include sweet jaggery. The chewy sweet Mont Lone Yay Paw is the snack that you must try during Thingyan festival. You will love it!

Thingyan Hta Min (Thingyan Rice)

Thingyan Hta Min is the Thingyan festival special food from Mon state. This food might sound weird for you because the rice is served with scented water. It make sense because Thingyan is the water festival that people play water and splash water at each other. So, why not mix the rice with water! Sa Tu Di Tar usually serves Thingyan Hta Min and you will be warmly welcome to join the feast. You need to pour wax scented water on the tender rice and eat with different dishes. Dry fish, mango salad and fried red chili pepper are the most common dishes that people eat with Thingyan Hta Min. Thingyan Hta Min is the traditional food of Mon people but people around the country eat it during water festival. It might look strange to you but we recommend you to try it and guarantee that you will enjoy it.

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